It’s FINALLY here! The grand finale of a 5-year television series that has in the last few years gone down as one of the best television series of all time, probably along with The Wire, The X-Files and M*A*S*H*.

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The series traces the impending corruption of a once regular ole joe of a chemistry teacher, Walter White, who, because of lung cancer, is forced to team up with his former student and meth dealer, Jesse Pinkman to make money for his family after his demise.

Of course, the lure of power and the adrenaline rush of being able to ‘get away with it’ causes Walter to sink further and further into the mire of deceit, lies, corruption and murder. Something which he merely views as survival tactics.

The alarming rate at which Walter succumbs to his warped view of the world in the name of survival puts not only himself in jeopardy but his family as well.

The greatness of this series, I feel, lies in both the characterization, the plot and of course, the brilliant portrayals of the actors who play them.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of the series, has been extremely tight-lipped about this final season and fans like us can only wonder where he’s going to take us this time.

One can only cross fingers that should anyone be killed off this season that it would at least not be as shell-shocking as Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding scene last season.

At the very least, we hope at least one of the characters gets their day and is capable of being redeemed.

The rest is out of our hands, of course.

Join us as we poke our little finger into the Breaking Bad pie tomorrow on Ep 5 of the Tomboy Tirade podcast as we try to predict what will happen this season in Walter White’s bad ass meth dealing universe and if he really turns out to be the ‘One Who Knocks’.

Listen to the podcast below:

Meanwhile, fingers clasped tightly to the AMC channel on your remotes for Breaking Bad which premieres tonight in the US.