Halloween is here again but you’re not really jumping up and down about those sexy, Elvira-like vixen look? Well then, here at Tomboy Tarts, we show you how to rock Halloween costumes, in true tomboy fashion.

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Halloween or HELL-O-WELLEN, as we like to call it here at Tomboy Tarts, is just around the corner.

For those of us who are too old to hit the streets trick-or-treating, this is a good excuse to dress up and hit the Halloween parties or clubs instead.

Hence finding some decent Halloween gear to get all dressed up in should be at the top of your spooky checklist. However, for tomboys, this is going to probably be a bit challenging because almost every costume store you go to is going to carry nothing but skimpy, ultra-revealing, poorly made outfits for the fairer sex. These costumes, most of which look as if the production line ran out of material halfway through their creations are probably not going to ‘cut it’ for most of us tomboys because they’re all about looking vampy and sexy i.e the sexy pirate, the sexy policewoman, the sexy school girl, the sexy cheerleader, the sexy soldier. You get the picture.

Tomboy Style: Sexy Women in Halloween Costumes

So what’s a tomboy to do? More specifically, a Tomboy Tart?

Well, if you don’t want to come off looking like one of Hugh Hefner’s Playmates and if you’ve got time stored away in your jacket pockets, consider designing and creating your own costume.

Stranger Things took the world by storm with its debut on Netflix this Summer, so it’s a safe bet that you’ll be seeing plenty of little Elevens and Barbara Hollands running around this year. The best part about their costumes is that they are easy to DIY and look so good they would stop any Demogorgon in its tracks.



Some cosplayers shave their heads to look like Eleven and possibly win extra Halloween candies for their commitment. But if you are mentally prepared to lose your luscious locks over a costume, you can still throw a blond wig over your head and don a pink smock dress. Then put on a blue jacket and grab a box of Egos waffles on your way out – and your kinetic powers are ready to roll.

Stranger things Winona Ryder


For those of us who grew up watching Heathers, Beetlejuice and Lucas on a loop on VHS,  it is hard to conceal our excitement when Winona Ryder made the best screen comeback as the distraught single mom Joyce Byers. Joyce is a pragmatic working single mother of two and her nonsense look is easy to achieve – khaki jacket over a striped t-shirt and skinnies. Don’t forget your white dial phone because you never know who is trying to contact you from the Upside Down. Or if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, don’t be afraid to literally carry your house wall on your back. Draw the alphabets on the cardboard and decorate it with light bulbs for the extra kick.

Fellow Tomboy Tart and resident Goth, Persis, once made a double billing showing up at two college Halloween parties as The Crow. She made her top out of duct tape and ripped garbage bags, paired it off with distressed black jeans, Dr. Martens, white face powder, gothic makeup and gelled hair to emerge as the enigmatic comic-book creature of the night and all for under 30 bucks.

Tomboy Style: Katniss-Costume

Want to be just as original? Then, don’t buy or rent the usual cliched female superheroes costumes like Catwoman or Wonder Woman. Instead pick up a set of bow and arrowmockingjay pin and go as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series for a change. It’s not difficult to put together the rest of the look either – throw on a black parka, black T-shirt, combat boots and a backpack – and you are ready to take down President Snow, his evil regime and the box office with the last instalment of the blockbuster franchise.

Tomboy Style: Ghostbusters women


The introduction of female Ghostbusters took the world by storm and had male chauvinists crying foul. Keep the tears flowing with a badass Ghostbusters costume that shows them you ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Get the awesome male Ghostbusters costume, or even any khaki work jumpsuit, instead of the ridiculous female mini-skirt edition and have the jumpsuit tailor made to fit your proportions. Paint orange and white stripes with fabric paint, clasp with a tool belt around your waist, put on black work boots and there you are ready to rock New York City.

Tomboy Style: Rosie Riverter We_Can_Do_It

Look at history and make a statement with feminist icon Rosie the Riveter.  It’s a cheap and easy costume to make – roll up the sleeves of your  blue collared denim shirt and wear it over your favourite jeans. Tie your hair up a red polka dot bandana. You can do it!

Tomboy Style: Benedict-Cumberbatch-Sherlock

   © BBC

Or, subvert the gender roles and explore some serious cross-dressing by going as the ultimate sleuth, Sherlock Holmes for example. If you like the BBC version of the character, match your long coat with a vintage blue scarf, the purple shirt of sex and a head of curls aka Benedict Cumberbatch. You can’t go wrong with classic Sherlock, though – even BBC is going Victorian this winter. Wear a long trench coat with a deerstalker hat and pipe for the classic detective look.

Tomboy Style: Benedict-Cumberbatch-Sherlock - victorian

   © BBC

If that isn’t your idea of making an entrance, then take a tip from television’s recently concluded, Breaking Bad series. Assume your new Heisenberg identity with a Pork Pie hat or a bowler hat, a bald cap or stocking for the shaved head look, dark sunglasses and a fake moustache or goatee. Finish off the look with a black biker jacket over a dress shirt and jeans or khaki pants.

Tomboy Style: walter white breaking bad

   © HBO

Then, for added effect, (you are a meth king after all) bring along some blue rock candy (similar to what was used on the show to represent the blue meth). Crush it up and pack them into tiny bags and trust us, you’ll be the life of the party! For an alternative take on the character, brave the streets with a green apron over boxer shorts, socks and shoes. Now you are Walter White the science teacher heading to your trailer to “conduct scientific experiments”.

Tomboy Style: halloween fangs

Not a crystal meth fan? Then, invest in a pair of fangs and you can glam up your biker, punk or rocker look instantly. As a price saving option in these harsh economic times, you can still recycle the fangs for another year since vampires never seem to go out of fashion and wear the rest out of the outfits as per normal long after the spooky festival has done its rounds.

Tomboy Style: zombie tomboy halloween costumes


Now, with zombies being a trend, why not take your inspiration from The Walking Dead? It doesn’t cost much and the effect is easy to achieve. Rip up some old clothes, tease your hair, put some makeup on, pour fake blood over yourself and you are ready to sink your rotting teeth into some serious BRAAAAIIIIINNNNSSS!

The best part about being a zombie is that you can basically ‘zombify’ anything from your favourite superhero to the average Joe and still score street cred. If there is a group of you, create your own herd and shamble down the streets, moaning and freaking people out in a mini zombie apocalypse scenario aka Land of the Dead.

In fact, if you see a zombie Sherlock with a long tattered coat shuffling around this Halloween, don’t forget to say hi – though I may just find your brains strangely appealing.

Happy Halloween!

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