Glam tomboy chic never looked so Bowie than on Miss Elly Jackson, who has taken her own brand of style to epic coif proportions.

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Hello there fellow suit n tie babes! Ready for another installment of our tomboy musician series? I hope so. For those not in the know, this is a short series where I put my two of my many favourite ingredients in Life – music and being a funny, quirky tomboy into one big supersized whopper. No wait! I meant series.

Now I hate to sound like a teeny bopper who goes to sleep at night dreaming of ginger-haired female musicians with coifs but this English lassie has been an A380-sized fashion influence for me since 2010. And as proof, here’s me, going ‘in for the kill’, trying very hard to channel my inner LaRoux with a fedora, a flashy striped top, cameo chain, skinny pants and clay-coloured brogues. Now all I need is red hair!

Elly Jackson, or better known to the world as one half of the electro dance pop duo, La Roux, has seamlessly amassed a devoted following over the years for her ridiculously tasteful tomboy take on style. Weaving David Bowie glamour, the androgyny of Tilda Swinton and the practicality of good ole black leather Oxfords, Elly personifies cool and class no matter what she wears. Her high street tomboy wardrobe has of course, over the years given way to the designer chic of Viktor and Rolf as well as the moccassins of Gucci. (Yes, even menswear brands seek her out for endorsements.)

Her sense of style is a definite must-try look if you’re seeking to replace your middle name with ‘tomboy glam chic’.

Get your Elly Jackson look with cameo chains, black brogues or guy moccasins, skinny jeans/pants, a fedora hat, tomboy blazer and a head-turning buttoned blouse or top.

LaRoux_Tomboy-Tarts 1

 Watch La Roux talking about the making of the ‘In For the Kill’ (US Version) music video.